Dear Volunteers,

We hope you and your family are healthy and safe during this challenging time.
As we are committed to the safety of our volunteers and clients,we would like to
share a few key updates on our guidance during shifts until further notice.

First, please consider CDC recommendations such as:
  • If you are feeling sick, please stay home – contact your shift lead to
  • Use proper hand washing technique: 20 seconds with hot water. Dry on
    paper towel.
  • Wipe tables, pens, doors, doorknobs before and after shifts & guest visits.
  • Practice social distancing as much as possible (3-6 feet apart from others)

Second, we would like to offer the following delivery model in order to
minimize person-to-person contact:
  • Please – no clients in the building, only volunteers
  • Temporarily pre-bag freezer, refrigerator and breads items – clients
    cannot select.
  • Register clients at their car DO NOT bring the attendance books. There
    will be a notebook to log names while you are outside. Come inside and
    update the book when it’s quiet.
  • Bring the food out for them and set it in the trunk of the car so that there
    is minimal contact.
  • If we have a new client, please visually review proof of residence and
    provide food. Give them an application form and request they bring all
    relevant material with them upon next visit. The intake process can be
    completed later.

We greatly appreciate that you exercise caution and trust if you need to make
adjustments as necessary. This may seem like an inconvenience, we want to
ensure a healthy approach to serve.

Serving our community continues to be a priority during times of crisis and we
could not do this without your support!

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Denise Mussulli.
People First Food Pantry
PO Box 506 / 19 Douglas Street
Uxbridge, MA  01569
"Volunteers are seldom paid; not
because they are worthless,
but because they are PRICELESS!!"